The Clearlights

Music band from the North West of England


We are a 4-piece band from Preston in Lancashire; playing an acoustic fusion of jazz, folk, blues and classic songs.

Meet The Band

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We are a new band and now seeking places to perform. We have a large repertoire of numbers. We dont like to play over-amplified, preferring quieter venues rather than noisy pubs. Check out more tracks & videos on our YouTube Channel.

"I'm Kaz and I'm a Ninja Drummer. I'm fairly new to drumming and largely self-taught from the masters on you tube, but the first time I picked up a drum 6 years ago, a Dancing Conga, it was remarked: "you looked like some kind of ninja drummer.. it was awesome!" That, and the 30 years of training in various martial arts, fits. Anyway, I stuck with it and never looked back. I love Jazz and Blues. I'd describe myself as a jazz drummer and certainly love the jazz ethos passed down by legends and aspire to that style of playing every day. If I had to choose, the Blues is where it's at for me and I think Keith Richards is a legend along with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, etc.. Another love of my life is Cats. I own one called Charlie... wait... or does he own me? Either way, I wouldn't have it any other way. As well as being a musician I'm also a fine art photographer and abstract painter."


Denis Wane


"Den, the bonkers bassist got into music at the age of 4, attempted to learn trombone at school and failed, but it taught me to sight-read, which was a boon. In a musical career that has spanned centuries, I have played many different genres, and this can be seen from my influences. My taste is very eclectic and wide ranging from classical right across the spectrum to avant-garde jazz. Aside from music, I am an avid reader and very interested in history, particularly railways which I enjoy photographing. More recently have been actively involved in fostering dogs for the Dogs Trust, which has been an eye-opener in respect of the bond that can form between humans and animals. I also enjoy D.I.Y. and have a modest workshop."


"I'm passionate about music. As a child, I learned classical guitar and flute, before joining a folk-rock band as backing singer at age 16. This led onto performing with north-west duos and bands; gigs, festivals, etc.. After a spell abroad, I returned to do musical theatre and performed in two productions. For the last 8 years, I have sung in One Voice community gospel choir. Gigs have included Manchester MEN, BBC1 and Gospel Choir of the Year finals. My real love is folk, blues and jazz, having too many favourites to mention! I'm thrilled to have met three like-minded friends to sing, play and perform with."


"My musical career started at the age of 6 in junior school. I was fortunate to grow up in Leicestershire, which had a wonderful schools music policy. Not only did they loan me a violin and provide a weekly visit from a tutor, when I was older they provided a free Saturday bus service to play in the county youth orchestra. It all gave me a lifelong love of playing in musical groups. I'm saddened that many schools don't do this any more, depriving children & young people of one of the great joys of life. As a teenager, the discovery of blues & jazz started me on the current learning path. Now, many years later, with much group experience and hundreds of gigs under my belt, I'm very excited to be part of The Clearlights. It's got me enjoying practice again! When I'm not playing, I enjoy gardening, bird watching and being in nature."


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